5 beach gadgets to improve your next trip to the ocean

Gabriel Lehotkai

Posted on June 28 2017

5 beach gadgets to improve your next trip to the ocean

For every traveler traveling with small children (or even without children), a day at the beach requires a little gear. A chic swimsuit, an oversized beach towel, and a reliable sunscreen are essentials, of course. But even the most modest, hassle-free beachgoer might discover that the right gadget can seriously upgrade — and even simplify — a weekend by the shore with your little one.

Take the REGATTA Sand Free Blanket, which is currently becoming something of a cult favorite. Instead of struggling with a sand that is coming from the beach with you, the REGATTA Sand Free Blanket easily lets the sand falls through it and traps it underneath ensuring it doesn’t come back up.


And other example: Instead of your standard shades — which you were going to bring anyway and probably lose or ruin — travelers can opt for a pair of anti-scratch Oculos Optical 2020 sunglasses made with 100 percent UV protection and a lightweight, TPX002 material that enables them to float.

Of course, there’s no end to the number of always fun, usually practical gadgets to bring with you on your next ocean outing. Turn your phone into an underwater camera, protect and ensure water fun for your babies with stylish life jackets, and keep your beach blanket (and bag) completely sand-free.

This is the high- and low-tech gear that will change the way you spend the summer with your kids. And we’re willing to bet these accessories will quickly feel like must-packs.

REGATTA Sand Free Blanket

Made from a one-way sift material originally designed for military use, this mat is perfect for beach picnics. It dries almost instantly and has D-Rings so you can fix it to the ground. In other words, Sand or dust falls straight through the REGATTA Mat and doesn’t come back up. The days of sandy, windswept lunches at the beach are over. 

You can BUY IT HERE only for 27.99$.

Beach-friendly Baby Carrier

Have you tried taking a stroller to the beach? Oh, how we’ve tried! But usually our stroller ends up being a glorified luggage rack, since strollers don’t roll well on sand. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s nice to have a place to park your things. But for long walks on the beach with a baby, I recommend a beach-friendly baby carrier like this one.

You can BUY IT HERE only for 29.99$.

Floating Fully-polarized Oculos Optical 2020 Sunglasses

floating sunglasses

Admit it: the waves have washed away at least one pair of your sunglasses in the past. Instead of sinking to the bottom, these sport shades by Oculos will float back to the surface, thanks to an ultra-light TPX002 frame. Other beach-worthy benefits? The lenses have anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings, and they offer 100 percent UV protection.

You can BUY IT HERE only for 27.99$.

Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket

A life jacket may not be the first thing to cross your mind when you pack your beach bag, but some hotels or beaches that you are planing to visit require them if you plan to play in the pool. You can find a huge selection of Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets or buy straght at the place of your stay. It's up to you.

ActionClub Baby Beach Tent

baby beach tent

If you think there’s any chance your baby will nap on the beach and/or you want a sand-free place for your baby, rent/borrow/buy/steal the ActionClub Baby Beach Tent. It basically protects your baby against harmfull sun rays and lets your loved one to sleep in the comfort of pleasant shade.

You can BUY IT HERE only for 39.99$.

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